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          What is the cost per space for a Mechanical Parking System?

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          The cost per space of a Mechanical Parking System depends on three factors:

          a. The layout of the project; b. The total number of parking spaces needed; C. The required throughput of the system.

          These three variables are of equal importance in the equation for project estimate calculations and can result in prices ranging from $3,000 USD per space to over $10,000 USD per space.

          It also depending on number of order, the MOQ is a container for mechanical parking system.

          What benefits are there to using a Mechanical System?

          About Mechanical parking system supplier:

          Along with China’s economic development and rapid urbanization, the growing number of cars in congested cities and limited urban space, creates a serious issue. Parking space shortage has become a challenge for city management, affecting its competitiveness and sustainable development.

          Focused, Professional, Growing, Win-Win. Tada Auto Parking Corporation, based in Shandong, has specialized in R&D, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Mechanical Parking System for nearly 20 years. Tada is providing clients with the best suitable mechanical Parking Solution.

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          Smart Manufacturing for Smart City, Advanced Technology for a better quality of life. TADA, your reliable Smart Parking Solution provider!

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