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          how to design the steel structure of multi-level car parking system?

          Question time:10th NOV 2018

          The steel structure frame of the multi-level car parking system plays the role of supporting the parking vehicle load and sharing the lifting mechanism load. It is particularly important to analyze and optimize the steel structure frame of the car parking system rationally.

          -> Basic structure of steel structure frame for multi-level car parking garage

          Parking steel structure supporting frame (see below Picture 1, Picture 2) constitute a body of multi-level car parking system. The steel structure is made up of the bottom, middle and top structural frame. The bottom is for vehicles entering and exiting garage and platform turning, with a height of 2.6 m. The middle part is a standard layer with a height of 2.2 M. It is used for parking vehicles. It consists of standard units. The number of layers can be increased or decreased according to the actual garage capacity. The top is used to install the pulley block, with the space of the repair pulley block and other equipment, with a height of 1.5 m. The garage has a design capacity of 20 vehicles and needs 10 levels standard parking units. The total level of the garage is 12 and the total height is 26.1 M. The steel structure is segmented and assembled with high strength bolts on site.

          View of the steel structure of multi-level car parking system

          -> Stress condition of steel structure of multi-level car parking system

          The forces acting on steel structure mainly include: self-weight of steel structure itself, weight of vehicles and equipments in parking spaces on steel structure frame, inertia force produced by braking of lifting system, gravity of driving device, gravity of pulley group on top girder frame, wind force on integral structure, seismic load and temperature change due to external environment. The temperature stress caused by the reaction is concentrated or uniformly distributed.

          image of the steel structure of multi-level puzzle car parking system

          As mentioned above, more details, pls call the support center: +86 188 6349 1199.

          image of the steel structure of multi-level automated car parking system

          Same as the picture, It is the steel structure of the automated car parking system on site. The project of multi-level automated car parking system is still under construction. It is a more complex steel structure system compared with ordinary products.

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